About Me

Loves to laugh, enjoys being challenged, gets excited very easily and committed to the last detail. In other words: A twenty-year-old student from Graz, Austria, with a passion for video-blogging, creative writing and sports. While trying to create masterpieces of all kinds, she’s remaining a work in progress herself.

“I like editing video clips just as much as creating written pieces. If I get inspired, I’m coming up with infinite ideas and try to put the best ones among them into practise. I wish to encourage people to bring out the best of themselves as well as their projects, activities or companies in the most authentic way possible.”

Of course, there’s much more to know about me… How did I get where I am now? Why masterpiece, why work in progress? And what show am I constantly talking about on all my social media platforms? If you dare to find out, go ahead and dive deeper into the content of my website.

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