Progressing further in every step.

We’re all witnesses to the enormous changes that have happened throughout the last years, especially in regards to the ongoing technological progress. Apparently, we “digital natives” even have a more intense access towards new technologies. But why are young people’s interests and broader skills so often reduced to an alleged “dependence” on web and social media?

This is the introduction to the very first article I published on my personal blog on LinkedIn. I wrote this one due to a long discussion with my mother and some of our friends where she once again accused “us” teenagers as of being unable to live without those technical devices anymore. This article proved me of how controversial and hotly debated this topic is. Even though I had just created my account on LinkedIn, the article reached more than 5.000 people, got about 70 likes and even 29 comments. And those comments did not just consist of one sentence or two. I felt like people of every age and branche entered this vivid discussion and shared their own viewpoints. At some point, I couldn’t even respond to all of them anymore. That was absolutely fascinating to see and a really encouraging experience.

Unfortunately, this text, too, is written in German. Still, feel free to have a look at the full article.

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