Austrian Cycling summit 2019

Cycling connects. That was the motto of the 12th Austrian cycling summit which took place at Stadthalle in Graz in May 2019. More than 400 experts and cycling enthusiasts turned the Styrian capital city into the bicycle capital of Austria.

This project possibly took the most time and effort in my first year studying. One of my dearest colleagues and I were responsible for the audiovisual documentation of all the different talks that were held on this three-day conference. I won’t go into details too much but let’s just say we did not get too much sleep these days. Still, it was a very challenging and yet instructive task that we mastered with bravery.

Below you can find one of the many videos we created for this specific event. This aftermovie was supposed to give an overview of what was happening on these three days. It was even shared on the official homepage of Austria’s Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism:

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